Eyewitness of Life
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: April 17th 2010

One word that covers all aspects of this release is: solid!

Everything is done properly and skilful, but nothing stands out and makes one think twice.

Main song writer and guitarist Mike Grönholm is a gifted song writer and guitarist, but not one that will shatter your foundations. The same can be said about vocalist, Markku Kuikka (Status Minor), good, but not extraordinary. The production is fine, but... I think you catch my drift. Even the artwork, done by accomplished artist Hugh Syme does not belong to his best work.

'Eyewitness of Life' has guest appearances by guitarist Ty Tabor (Kings X) and keyboard whiz Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), but at the end of the day I must say that this will never be more than a solid album bordering to mediocrity.

01. One Minute Of Reality (1:04)
02. Awaited (4:10)
03. Fate & Belief (4:28)
04. Life Is (4:35)
05. Meet the Maker (4:26)
06. You and Me (3:44)
07. Misfortune-teller (2:31)
08. Learn To Crawl (4:46)
09. Eyewitness of Life (4:23)
10. Place For Freedom (6:28)
Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 2nd 2010