Burial Ground
Style: Death Metal
Release date: June 14th 2010

Grave needs no introduction, together with Entombed, Dismember and Unleashed they were the founders of the Swedish Death Metal sound. The low grunts with the heavy riffs are still their trademark. Since their debut album "Into the Grave" they have never disappoint you, but they haven't surprised us either. After their 4th album "Hating Life" they took a few years sabbatical (or was it a split) to arise up from the grave in 2002 with the album "Back from the Grave".

"Burial Ground" is their ninth album and the follow up of their 2008 record "Dominion VIII". Expect of this new album what you want to expect from Grave and you will be pleased and like the album. Extreme, brutal, guttural and heavy are just a few expressions that suit their music. As guests you can hear Matti Karki (Dismember) on "Dismembered Mind" and Karl Sanders (Nile) plays a solo on "Bloodtrail".

A record that will please the old fans, but it will not gain a lot new fans. Those fans, who like this genre already know Grave and will buy it anyway.


01. Liberation

02. Semblance in Black

03. Dismembered Mind

04. Ridden With Believe

05. Conquerer

06. Outcast

07. Sexual Mutilation

08. Blood Trail

09. Burial Ground

Label: Regain Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 28th 2010