Grave Forsaken
Fight to the Death
Style: Bay-Area Influenced Thrash
Release date: May 21st 2010

More trash than thrash were my last words about the predecessor "This Day Forth". Exactly a year later they release their fifth record. 5 albums in 5 years, quantity over quality? I have to say that this record is much better than 'This Day Forth'. It sounds heavier, the production is much better and there is more variety.

The harsh vocals of Vaughan Gregory are still rather average and that also counts for the gang-singing parts. The harmonies and the guitar solos have improved, but the arrangements and constructions of the songs is still quite simple. "Call Me a Dreamer" is a kind of thrash ballad with female vocals, not a bad song, but after a few spins I found it a bit too much and it gets a little boring. I don't think these Aussies will gain a lot more fans with this album, but it is their best one yet and they improve and develop every year.

With new releases of the oldies Overkill, Heathen and of course the thrash-release of this year: Exodus, this album will not get noticed and if they want to act on the same level I think we will have to wait another 10 years more.


01. Mutilator

02. Fight to the Death

03. War is Hell

04. Black Saturday

05. The Years Of Carnage

06. Call Me a Dreamer

07. Destruction Comes

08. In Our Time of Trial

09. This Dying Day

10. Light in the Shadow

Label: Soundmass
Distribution: Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 10th 2010