Godslave / Impactor
Style: Thrash
Release date: December 31st 2009

The thrashers from GOD SLAVE, a band with local activity, have decided to help the new band IMPACTOR. The format “Split EP” itself is focused on the thoughts for promoting, rare materials or collectors releases. What do we have under this front cover although this one seems to be of the first covers made on Xerox…


The last recorded track of GODSLAVE which is supposed to be faster and harder than their previous music. To the usual style of the band – dirty thrash (DEW-SCENTED, LEGION OF THE DAMNED) is added a mosh-tease, but the song is not becoming heavier. Their second song is from their EP “Out of the Ashes” 2008 and it is indeed amongst the best in the above mentioned approach. A video bonus is added to the release.


The young guys from IMPACTOR present their first recorded song which has appeared only on demo-tape, its sound is new. It is decent thrash with complex rhythm but it is not catching. Their second song is from their debut mini-CD “Prepare for Impact” 2009, which is a traditional German meeting between SODOM and TANKARD. The bonuses are two live songs.


For the first time I see 31st of December as release date. But this Split EP appeared exactly on this date. The value of this release, as regarding my point of view, is questionable. The promotion of these two bands is a fact.


GODSLAVE and IMPACTOR sound interesting and well enough. My detailed research proves that this release has finished its mission. But taken alone it has no collectors worth.


01. Our School

02. Wings of Wrath

03. The Forest Burns

04. Downstairs


Label: Unsigned
Artwork rating: 20/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: August 13th 2010