Blackheart Revolution
Style: Electro metal rock
Release date: January 18th 2010

Gen, Gen, Gen, you're going to fry in Hell for this one.

Not that I think you'd mind.

Or that most of the metal dudes out there would mind joining you, for that matter.

Gen, the Instigator of Official Debauchery, married to none other than Evil D, to most probably better known as one Dave Vincent of Morbid Angel, is back with a new album.

My only previous experience with the Genitorturers is their 1998 effort 'Sin City'. It was nothing to write home about. On the contrary. It was a really poor effort.

Compared to 'Sin City', 'Blackheart Revolution' is a huge improvement to say it the least. There are actual songs on there and good ones, even.

Dunno if you think is good or bad, but picture this: Joan Jett does sod-all during the Nineties, but she gets hooked on White Zombie and Marilyn Manson. She dyes her hair and keeps the leather tight. That's Genitorturers for ya. The word revolution has of course been misused over and over again since 1967 and a revolution this album isn't. It's a collection of songs that combine the sounds of the beforementioned and it does so in a way that is entertaining and catchy.

What works best for me are the tunes like Confessions of a Blackheart and Tell Me where Gen shows herself from the bittersweet, poisonous side. Rounded, electro-pop with a hard edge.

That said, it's hard to deny that the subtle messages held in tracks like Cum Junkie and Kabangin' All Night don't have some effect on the imagination. It has just about the same lyrical depth as Joan Jett, but does so much more in the fantasy area.

Definitely worth a try for fans of the above-mentioned bands!


01. Revolution
02. Kabangin' All Night
03. Devil In a Bottle
04. Louder
05. Falling Stars
06. Take It
07. Confessions of a Blackheart
08. Cum Junkie
09. Vampire Lover
10. Tell Me

Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: Season of Mist
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: February 4th 2010