Fu Manchu
Signs of Infinite Power
Style: Stoner Rock
Release date: October 16th 2009

If you know Fu Manchu from earlier, I doubt there's any surprises for you here, they sound very much like themselves... "simple", repeated squeaking' guitar riffs, a very recognizable vocal (that unfortunately isn't that varied from track to track) and broken rhythms. Maybe more rockier and energetic than the previous album, but pretty much the same stuff all the way through the little more than 34 minutes of music.

 I normally like stoner- and desert-rock, but especially the vocals does, that the numbers sound a bit too much alike for me. Should I mention some favorite tracks, it had to be "Eyes x 10" and "One Step Too Far" that sounds a bit different from the rest. Not a bad album, but I doubt it'll return very much to my CD-player in the future. I'd prefer a live performance from the band, I'm sure that's where this music really works. And it's impressive that the band is going into its twentieth year of existence.

Sound, production and mixing were done by the band, Sergio Chavez (Motörhead and Helmet) and Andrew Alekel (Foo Fighters and Danzig), so one should think they got what they wanted.  It's clear, well defined sound, with a raw, aggressive edge.

Last I'm sorry to say: what a crappy cover! Standard lettering, and generally something that probably could be made in any drawing program in half an hour - and the worst part of it is, that it's completely indifferent to the style of music - could as well be for ambient pop. Thank God, that the music is far better than its cover.

For fans, or listen before you buy.



Bionic Astronautics




Against The Ground


Webfoot Witch Hat


 El busta


Signs of Infinite Power


Eyes x 10


Gargantuan Mar


Take It Awa

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 15/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: July 23rd 2010
Website: www.fu-manchu.com