From Nowhere
Agony (Demo)
Style: Death/Thrash
Release date: 2010

Every artist has a life full of hardships. The master mind of FROM NOWHERE – Armando Garcia is in the business of composing from 1991. His rare releases are traced by unconventionality and difficult listening of the technical thrash.


The three songs of the demo “Agony” carry the foredoomed emotion of NOCTURNUS, GRIP inc., and PSYCHOTIC WALTZ as complexity of the anti-AOR concept. In musical aspect FROM NOWHERE resemble the early CORONER with some influences from the late DEATH. Without playing games with the tempo the rhythm section is rather progressive. The technical thrash riffs sometimes overflow into depressive melodies. The aggressive vocals do not attain hysteria; they keep the “good tone” without being polite.


FROM NOWHERE have pass through lots of personal changes till they record the demo “Agony”. I am happy that Garcia continues to work behind the microphone, besides being behind the guitar. In comparison to their album from 2006, the quartet sounds less melodic, as if having more spitefulness but bitterness as well. The stability of the stylistics of the main composer is notable even from the time of the band TRASCENDENTAL.


Perhaps only some peculiarities of the metal geography are the reasons the music of FROM NOWHERE not to be heard by many ears. Then they should be experimenting more and should risk as SADIST (which is not for sure). Till now let the fans of CORONER pay attention to the Spanish guys and to support them for their new album.


01. Catalepsy
02. Breathless (Agony)
03. Factory of Hate

Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: June 24th 2010