The Rotting
Style: Death Thrash of sorts
Release date: July 12th 2010
Playing time: 40:17

Not a bad debut album from this Birmingham outfit. The quartet hit a popular blend of death/thrash and something more in the vein of metalcore, and they do so convincingly.

Forlorn display much power and ability, and as you can gather from the rating, 'The Rotting' is on the whole a pleasant affair to lay ears to. Still, I don't think that the band quite has found a sound and vision of their own, even if the foundation for greater things is certainly laid out with this album.

More focus on the song writing, is probably one thing I'd say to the band if they were here in front of me. But, as I said, not bad at all!


01. The Rotting 

02. Worlds End

03. Doomed
04. Vulcans Flame
05. Ferality
06. Floods of Martyrdom
07. Victims of Revenge
08. Battle Scarred
09. Crimson Star
10. This Wicked Sin


Label: Rising Records
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 5th 2010
Website: Forlorn@MySpace