Forevers Edge
Chaotic Silence
Style: Power Metal
Release date: July 13th 2010

Forevers Edge was formed by guitarist Salvatore Pisano and is completed by keyboardist Mike Khalikov (Revolution Renaissance, Empyreon), singer Clay Bartin and bassist Andrew Distabile who you might know from the band Suspyre and Frank Godla (Empyrion, Dividing Light). Salvatore started writing the songs for this debut back in 2006 and he has finally succeeded in releasing 'Chaotic Silence'.

You can expect tight power metal with orchestral arrangements and progressive parts. If you want to make comparisons with other bands, you could probably say that Evergrey, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, Serenity and Suspyre are prime examples. Sometimes the music is a little too busy and there is too much going on in a too short a time.  One of the better songs is "Damnation - We Rise", a dark song in a kind of Iced Earth style, the ballad "Morning Star" is a welcome resting point. Singer Clay Barton does an o.k. job, but I think he could have done even better.

Not a bad debut and everyone who likes the above mentioned bands should take a listen. News is that Clay Barton has already left the band, no idea why.


01. Our Hopes, Our Dreams

02. Everlost

03. Demon Creation

04. Divide in I

05. In the Dark

06. Mourning Star - Forever and Never

07. Damnation - We Rise

08. The Epiphany of Music

09. Endlessly

10. Closed Eyes

Label: Nightmare Records
Provided by: Connecting Music
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: August 2nd 2010