Style: Folky Black metal
Release date: February 22nd 2010

This is Finntroll's fifth full-length album full of folk-rooted black metal. After a real Finntroll intro called 'Blodmarsch', the black-metal inspired song 'Solsagan' explodes out of the speakers - the galloping hoompa rhythm is Finntroll all the way and the catchy "I wanna sing a-long" part makes you wanna drink and party all day. But what makes me happy the most is that Finntroll is able to pack all these things into well written and arranged songs.

As we can expect from Finntroll they use tight death metal riffs, dark soundtracks, groovy folky parts and of course black metal. Sometimes they have songs that are so catchy, you can almost dance to them. Like on earlier albums, they use many traditional instruments not very commonly used in metal. Thanks to the excellent production and mastering the different instruments are easy to be kept apart. The whole album breaths myths and folklore and of course the lyrics are not to follow for us mortals, but they deal with sagas bringing us humans back to nature and about the bestiality that lies within every human being. Interesting, but it doesn't interest me what they sing about, even if it is about the Easter bunny.

What counts for me is the music and this fifth album of the Finnish trolls is (and I'm certain they agree with me) their best so far. Everything is in balance and you can hear they didn't leave anything to coincidence. A record I should not write and you should not read about any longer, you should just experience it. And if the song "Under Bergets Rot" doesn't make you happy, don't buy it.


01. Blodmarsch

02. Solsagan

03. Den Frusna Munnen

04. Ett Norrkensdad

05. I Tr�dens Sang

06. Tiden Utan Tid

07. Galgasang

08. Mot Skuggornas Varld

09. Under Bergets Rot

10. Fornfamnad

11. Drap

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: January 27th 2010