Fatal Embrace
The Empire of Inhumanity
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: June 7th 2010

If I'm not mistaken, this is the band's fourth full-length. Their 2006 album 'Dark Pounding Steel' received good reviews and I am quite sure that with 'The Empire of Inhumanity' they will do the same. The songs are better, the production is better, the riffs are better, all in all everything is better. Of course the band sounds as German as the engine of an Opel, but that's no problem for me.

After the intro "Wake the Dead" opens this speed/thrash feast. The slow riff halfway through the song is very open and catchy and makes me think of early Destruction records, but with a good sound. That brings me to the vocals of Heilšnder; his aggressive throat combines Tom Araya (on the first 2 records) with Schmier and Mille. The howling solos in several tracks make me think back to Slayer's 'Show No Mercy' and 'Hell Awaits' period and for the song "Haunting Metal" they have used Metallica's "Damage Inc." as a blue print if you ask me.

I think you already understand that this band will not be known for its original ideas, but that isn't a problem at all. They have created a nice authentic sound at Harris Johns studios and succeeded well. Musically Fatal Embrace is more old-school speed-metal than thrash if you ask me. Destruction, Slayer (just listen to "Ravenous"), Kreator, Whiplash, early Metallica and even Nuclear Assault ("The Prophecy") are just a few names that have inspired them.

The Iron Maiden cover "Killers" is not one of the best implementations of the song, I don't exactly know what it is, but as always the original is much better and it adds nothing to this album. Next time one extra song or just nothing. If you are my age and grew up with Slayer, Destruction, Whiplash, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, etc. etc., then I am sure that this record will put a smile on your face and is a festivity of recognition. Younger fans that are into Evile, Municipal Waste and Gama Bomb can put this one on their list of suggested gifts too.


01. The Last Prayer

02. Wake the Dead

03. Nothing to Regret

04. Haunting Metal

05. Another Rotten Life

06. Empires of Inhumanity

07. Into Your Face

08. Rapture for Disaster

09. The Prophecy

10. Way to Immortality

11. Ravenous

12. Killers

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: June 1st 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/fatalembracemetalberlin