Fall of Empyrean
A Life Spent Dying
Style: Doom Metal
Release date: May 14th 2010

I once received an e-mail from a drummer who had to air his anger. He was the drummer in an American doom band. He felt insulted because I had compared a release from his band with My Dying Bride in my review. I was gobsmacked.

He had completely missed the fact that I have three main references within the doom genre and that I totally adore these bands: Black Sabbath, Candlemass and, you got it, My Dying Bride. When I compare a band to My Dying Bride and do so positively, there is no, I repeat, NO reason to complain - even if MDB use open chords to a further extent than your own band or whatever... The reason this indignated drummer's band only got a half-decent rating in the end was only because they were able to conjure up a figment of the atmosphere that My Dying Bride can. Otherwise they were a mediocre band. Period.

I suggested, polity, in my response to the drummer that he started writing for our site so that we could get some decent doom metal reviews instead of my amateurish rambling. I mean - what could I say?! He got back to me.

Anyway, I mention this because I'm likely to mention My Dying Bride again in a second or two. In fact, I will right now -  and I plead that no one sees this as an offence: My Dying Bride has not lived in vain for Fall of Empyrean either.

But unlike the angry drummer's band, Fall of Empyrean have a lot more to offer all by themselves.

This is the darker end of doom metal, mind you. Richard Medina's choice is for the most part a deep growl, and the rest of the band follows suit. The music is diverse, dark, heavy to the point where bowels are moved, and yet 'A Life Spent Dying'  holds lots of melody as I believe it appropriate in real doom metal.

A fan of doom metal? Go on and check this one out!


01. Bereft
02. Breathe Deep the Cinders
03. Vast but Desolate
04. Anhedonia
05. The Air is Still
06. A Long Silence
07. Lifeless in My Arms
08. Veins Split Wide
09. Catharsis

Label: Grau
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: October 16th 2010
Website: www.fallofempyrean.com