Take Us Alive
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: April 24th 2010

I certainly had a fling with Extreme back around 1992. More Than Words from 'Pornograffitty' is the tune that people always refer to, but that wasn't my thing: Nope, 'III Sides to Every Story' always and remains to this day the real dog's bollocks from the four Bostonians.

I even managed to see them live at the Roskilde Festival in 1991, but that was before I thought anything of them (did the same with Pearl Jam before I started appreciating what they did, but that's another story). Back then I thought Extreme's music was pop crap, but the show was highly efficient, that much I acknowledged before trekking off to one of the other stages.

'III Sides...' changed my view entirely. This was a an intelligent take on the hard rock genre, with a high level of technical skills, most notably on Nuno Bettencourt's behalf, eventhough it's probably not fair to just highlight him in that company of professionals.

Sadly, what came after 'III Sides...' never really made the grade for me, but, still, one sublime album is not bad, right?

Following the comeback album 'Saudades de Rock' (which I never even listened to, I have to admit), Extreme went out where the real fun (and money) is: on the road. 'Take Us Alive' is the recorded evidence, and it shows us punters who weren't there that Extreme is certainly still very much alive and kicking.

With a selection of songs taken from all recorded efforts, the album is a choice cut of all the great songs Extreme has spawned, played with conviction and professionalism.

Cherone's voice is still strong, the rhythm section impeccably tight and Bettencourt playful as ever.

I'd call this recording a must for Extreme fans, but also a tip for those who, like my self, left off during the beginning of the 90s but still have a place for high-quality American hard rock.


CD 1
01. Decadence Dance 8:12
02. Comfortably Dumb 5:23
03. Rest In Peace 5:22
04. It (s a Monster) 5:30
05. Star 5:42
06. Tell Me Something I Don t Know 7:59
07. Medley Kid Ego - Little Girls - Teacher's Pet 6:01
08. Play With Me 9:07
09. Midnight Express 4:10


CD 2
01. More Than Words 7:27
02. Ghost 4:52
03. Cupid s Dead 6:58
04. Take Us Alive 6:05
05. Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee 1:51
06. Get the Funk Out 7:37
07. Am I Ever Gonna Change (no ?) 6:58
08. Hole Hearted 4:14

Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 27th 2010
Website: www.extreme-band.com