Death Machine
Style: Speed Metal
Release date: October 29th 2010
Playing time: 40:49

EXCITER is cult! EXCITER is cornerstone! EXCITER does not betray their music. But some of us wonder if the multitude of vicissitudes has not turned them to a tribute band of themselves?

There is no doubt that the fans will be pleased with ‘Death Machine’. The ultra fast songs in the veins of the typical for the band style: noisy guitars, screams, 80’es speed metal and a pinch of VENOM mood. The sound of the album is a return to their early years – the high frequencies are set to the fore, so that when every hard rock admirer hears the guitars he could feel all aches and pains in his ears. The playing time of the album is also coming from the 80’es as well as the order of the songs. After the end of the fourth track it seems that the A-side is over, the galloping music leaves you to rest for a moment.

I expected ‘Power and Domination’ to be a continuation of ‘Violent and Force’, but it is not. The B-side is slower but it does not deviate from the thrash heavy sound. The repeatedly screamed mottos in the choruses hammer in the brain with full force. I was embarrassed by the 7-minutes long ‘Skull Breaker’ … Oh, Lord! EXCITER begins to develop? Retreat! After 03:30 minutes the track ends and after 30 seconds there is a hidden track which is a naked aggressive guitar solo. For the digital technologies there are nothing hidden… The romantics disappeared long ago...

From one point of view the straightforwardness of the Canadian veterans is inspirable. From another one - today the musicians participating in the band are more fans than the EXCITER idea itself. This is evident in the commonplace lyrics of ‘Death Machine’. The album is recommended and it will not burden at all the old and the young metal maniacs!


01. Death Machine (04:14)

02. Demented Prisoners (03:55)

03. Dungeon Disciples (04:05)

04. Hellfire (04:03)

05. Power and Domination (04:25)

06. Pray For Pain (03:08)

07. Razor in Your Back (04:58)

08. Skull Breaker (05:01)

09. Slaughtered In Vain (07:00)

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: October 29th 2010