Eternal Reign
The Dawn of Reckoning
Style: Power Metal
Release date: August 6th  2010

In February 2008 I did an interview with vocalist Dirk Stühmer and I complimented him with their 2005 album 'Forbidden Path' and his singing capacities. He then told us that they had written several new songs and that the new album would be released in 2008. No idea what happened since then, but fact is that it took quite a while longer to release their third record. 5 years is a long time between two albums, but if the quality is good that should not be a problem.

The style on the 2005 album could be compared with bands like Crimson Glory, Metal Church and Vicious Rumors, not the worst ones so to say. You can imagine that I was very curious about this album and I had high expectations. Probably too high??

No, not too high, the album is just not that good as its 2005 predecessor. The music has become a bit more progressive and sometimes it reminds me of Fates Warning (the first albums). Nothing wrong with that of course, but it is just not that good. The songs are for the bigger part inferior to most of the tracks on the "Forbidden Path' album and there are too many serene parts in the songs, which take out the tempo too often. The last thing that is not as good as on the second album is the singing of Mr. Stühmer himself. I don't know what has changed in the past 5 years, but he hasn't improved, on the contrary. He sounds less pure and at times even a bit false in the higher regions.

Nevertheless this isn't a bad album, there is still a lot of nice music on this disc and there are still enough passages that remind of Vicious Rumors and Crimson Glory. Maybe the 2005 album was too good and they couldn't exceed it. A little disappointment, but not a bad album.


01. Drowned

02. Beyond the Black

03. Lords of Chaos

04. Shadows of the Past

05. Emptiness Devours

06. Lost Clouds

07. Forgotten Sunrise

08. The Beast Within

09. Devil and Daughter

10. Gone too Far

11. Still Remains

Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution: Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: August 4th 2010