Enemy of the Sun
Style: Progressive Thrash Metal
Release date: May 28th 2010

I first was made aware of guitarist/producer Waldemar Sorychta when he formed Grip Inc. with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo in 1995. I immediately fell for his guitar sound and style of playing. If you are familiar with Sorychta's work, then you will notice his trademark sound in Enemy Of The Sun.

With Enemy Of The Sun's second release "Caedium" (Latin for self- inflicted death) you see the band continue its progressive weirdness and thrash metal strangeness. Its diverse range of influences and eclectic flavorings are quite mind boggling at times and hard to pen down their sound. But I'll give it a try by saying it's a Mr. Bungle carnival-like atmosphere mixed with Devin Townsend's extremity and emotion. They definitely don't sound like any other metal band. However, there are obvious similarities to Grip Inc. in the song structures.

The rest of the band should get a well-deserved mention also. The drumming of Daniel Zeman is phenomenal and poignant. Bassist Alla Fedynitch already proved her mettle while touring with Peter Tagtgren's Pain. Finnish singer Jules Naveri's diverse vocals mixes a barking thrash growl with a melodic layered voice often sounding like Mike Patton, most notably on "Ticket." Then without flinching, he goes into a deathy-yet-hardcore scream while still retaining the key and melody of the song.

The 14 tracks on Caedium are thrash-based aggression injected with melody, along with other experimental sounds. There's plenty of catchy riffs and choruses with loads of variation. Because there is so much going on, some parts of songs become a little disjointed, but it's only a minor flaw and it doesn't disrupt the flow of the songs.

Bongos and Eastern influenced guitars begin "Chasing the Dragon," reminding me of something off of Grip Inc.'s debut. The industrial/ techno-infused metal of "Castoways in the N.W.O." and its haunting emotion is extremely catchy. The almost Reggae-ish beginning of "Aimless" and its Flamenco-infused guitar solo, along with pummeling hardcore-ish chants, is about as diverse of a song you could hope for. "In Memoriam"'s morbid metal funeral march closes out the album in stellar fashion.

Caedium is an interesting and fascinating album. Enemy Of The Sun has something to offer for every kind of metalhead. Pick this one up for sure.

01. Lithium
02. Another End Of The Rainbow
03. I Am One
04. Chasing The Dragon
05. Castaways In The N.W.O.
06. The Power Of Mankind
07. Ticket
08. Paradigm
09. Try Out
10. The Golden Horizon
11. Sky Shooting Stars
12. Stolen Sky
13. Aimless
14. In Memoriam
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: May 7th 2010
Website: www.enemyofthesun.com