Electric Hellride
Style: Modern Thrash Metal / Rock
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 17:56

Four ordinary at first look boys from Denmark decided to let out their dark sides. They lived down the influences from their demo ‘Reload to Shoot Again’ (2009). ELECTRIC HELLRIDE charged their new weapons and assigned them the task to bring the band to the big scenes.


The four middle tempo tracks are full of thrash riffs, Scandinavian melodic metal, and rock approaches are implemented at places. The aggressive vocals are in thrash/core style and their melody also is rock at places. The lyrics are not pretentious and evoke the feeling of a non-disciplinary threatening danger. ELECTRIC HELLRIDE succeed to walk on the blade between HATE SPHERE and VOLBEAT. The EP format does not allow us to guess if these monolith songs present completed style or they sound a little bit undiversified. It seems that some approaches from ARTILLERY and MOTORHEAD are steeped into the vortex of the contemporary thrash/death.


For one year the band achieved a significant development. But there is a lot to be achieved in future. How would a whole album sound? Are not they going to stagger from the blade? Could more serious messages be expected? ... These are the questions that the EP states! After repeated listening of these four songs I will say that there is still something elusive or missing in this debut. But it is a well done and promising start!


01. Obsessive Aggression

02. Installing the Virus

03. Unleash

04. Fighting Alone

Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: December 13th 2010