El Camino
Satanik Magiik
Style: Doom Rock
Release date: April 23rd 2010

This oozes old times. On the back cover of the CD I have received from the town of Nässjö, Sweden, a handwritten '219' indicates that I have copy number 219 out of 500 of this precious piece of authentic doom rock. You don't see this too often anymore. This has been touched by human hands!

Listening to the four tracks of the promo CD, you even get the feeling that the five individuals of El Camino actually met each other and perhaps even recorded this live. Say no more! Yes, it sounds that real!

To me, this sounds like five fans of Black Sabbath who've gotten together to write and PLAY some music that doesn't follow the latest trend. It's about as far away from the Sonic Syndicates, Nightwishes and Lamb of Gods of this world (nothing negative about those, I'm just observing that this is sooo far away from both in stylistic approach) - this is closer to Cathedral, if anything, Trouble a bit too, perhaps, and of course the mighty Sabbath.

'Satanik Magiik' has got an authentic nerve, the basement feeling without the amateur feel. It works in its own time, allows room for expression and creates a real atmosphere.

For fans of the doomy side of rock. Solid and real - go for it!


01. Prelude to the Horns
02. Hail The Horns
03. Mountain Man
04. Satanik Magiik

Label: None
Distribution: None
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: July 19th 2010
Website: El Camino @MySpace