Style: Black Metal
Release date: April 30th 2010

I once read an interview with the Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, in which she was confronted with the rumors that the Vatican had put her books on their black list. Her answer was that she was glad to be in such distinguished company – which includes Milton, Swift, Voltaire, Machiavelli and just about 1000 other literary geniuses.

Eisregen could give the same answer when asked about how it feels to have half their albums banned in Germany, their own homeland: indeed this is glorious company, including bands like Cannibal Corpse and Rammstein! What is wrong with this country!?

Their album “Krebskolonie” stands as one of the best German black metal releases ever, and the lyrics were described by the German authorities as “grausam, menschenverachtend, frauenfeindlich und verrohend” (cruel, inhuman, misogynistic, brutalising) – a point that also applies to the music itself. Damn, it’s just brutal! What the German courts did not grasp was the irony with which Eisregen apply their cynicism...

The latest Eisregen album, “Schlangensonne” has yet to be banned, but it doesn’t lack in either inhumanity or brutality. The traditional Eisregen blend of sporadic keyboarding and a time-honoured hybrid of blackened death and rock ‘n’ roll simply works. Perhaps it has worked a little too well, since Eisregen hasn’t really progressed much since they made “Zerfall” eight full-lengths ago.

Eisregen has not lost their sense of grotesque humor either, and “Schlangensonne” introduces its listeners to – among others – a magical elephant (“Zauberelefant”) and a very breast-oriented Messiah (“Brustfetichrist”).

The best tracks on the new album, when measured on a pure metal scale, are “Auf ewig Ostfront” “Linkshänder” and “Tot senkt sich herab” – these songs bear strong resemblance to late Satyricon and Khold. However, Eisregens spans some deep gulfs within music, and has found room for the minimalistic adagio “Kai aus der Kiste” and the grinding/symphonic black/thrash bastard-composition “Brustfetichrist”.

The album is in many ways really good, but it’s too much like Eisregens other albums – it contains no real surprises, although it’s probably good enough to be banned in Germany.


01. N8Verzehr (4:33)
02. Blute Aus (4:12)
03. Auf ewig Ostfront (4:36)

04. Ernte den Untergang (4:45)
05. Zauberelefant (6:57)
06. Kai aus der Kiste (5:58)
07. Tod senkt sich herab (4:26)
08. Linkshänder (4:20)
09. Das Allerschlimmste (5:43)
10. Schlangensonne (5:04)
11. Brustfetichrist (2:08)

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Martin Schjönning
Date: May 17th 2010
Website: Eisregen @ MySpace