Style: Symphonic Power / Progressive Metal
Release date: July 2nd 2010

In 1998, Edenbridge was founded as a studio-project by guitarist / keyboardist Lanvall, bassist Kurt Bednarsky and vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher. This Austrian band has been represented and plumed around the Symphonic / Progressive Metal genre. They have pursued this for quite sometime but in their more recent album, 'Solitaire, they most certainly have driven themselves to different means and maneuvers.

You quickly notice the more utilized orchestrations in 'Entree Unique', the introduction.  Much more perplexed and colorful than their usual introduction. Moving on to the second track, the unexceptional and perhaps their most Progressive song, 'Solitaire' - an adherence to their old sounds with several newfangled twists. At least the worthiest, in my opinion.  Then a good attempt to take you 'Higher' - this severely inelaborate Rock piece. And once again retaining the flow of simpleton, in 'Skylines' - an unsophisticated shade of gray, comparable to Within Temptation's depleted dissonance (pardon me, den Adel admirers). My impression does not get any better in 'Bon Voyage Vagabond' with barely a few strong parts that occasionally highlights itself, the apparent just comes a foot too short. An endless predictability rings through and rather with 'Come Undone', and I am immobile at this point. But a scanty way of finger movements along on my desk to another one of their slower songs, 'Out Of This World', that's how much the song got out of me.

...An unforeseen gleam of light appears in 'Further Afield', a reminiscent of their older and finer song 'Wild Chase', undoubtedly with hints of Japanese influence in the intro. And although later than the appointed time, they have managed to come back sparsely breathing in 'A Virtual Dream?'. Then again leaping backwards in another slow and tedious song, 'Brother Diamir'. It might just be a better song than 'Out of this world', I have now forgotten. So, let's bring in the feeling of excitement!, towards the Outro (Exit Unique), that is...

It has started with a thrill of anticipation after the intro, becoming a tug to the ground of dreary, to alas, the very definition of the word, misleading. I have stressed my disappointment with this album well enough. Perhaps because I've been a fan for ages so it's not a thing too easy to encounter. If you are new to the band, perhaps you will have a more fun and pleasant experience with this album.


01. Entree Unique (01:13) 

02. Solitaire (06:15)

03. Higher (03:50)

04. Skyline's End (05:32)

05. Bon Voyage Vagabond (05:52)

06. Come Undone (04:11)

07. Out Of This World (05:10)

08. Further Afield (05:54)

09. A Virtual Dream? (05:08)

10. Brothers On Diamir (06:52)

11. Exit Unique (02:49)

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 77/100
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: September 10th 2010
Website: www.edenbridge.org