Dread the Forsaken
Style: Modern Metal
Release date: November 23rd 2010
Playing time: 41:44

Based out of Guatemala City, Dread the Forsaken combines power metal with traditional heavy metal elements and more modern aggressive styles. With Images of Eden vocalist Gordon Tittsworth they have found a singer that is melodic, but on this album he also uses a more aggressive style. The sound on the album is not the strongest one I have been listening to lately, especially the drum sound is too hollow in my opinion. The label calls their music progressive metal, I'm thinking about Dream Theater, Darkwater then, but this has nothing to do with them, so progressive must have a very different definition.

Nevertheless there is a lot going on. The vocal performance of Gordon reminds me of a John Bush/Belladonna mix and even the music on several songs sound like Anthrax. The music has strong riffs and sometimes you get the idea that Jeff Waters is amongst them, listen for example to "Dread the Forsaken". The song "Dead Changes" has a kind of rapping vocals that sounds like Biohazard and "Roses Are Burning" could almost be a track of Anthrax's 'Spreading the Disease' album.

Dread the Forsaken has created a kind of mix between Anthrax and a more modern band like Disturbed. Add some Bay Area energy to it, catchy vocals and you get an idea. I needed a few spins to value this album for what it is really worth. It grows and grows and when I look away from the weak drum sound this is a good album to listen to, modern with old school elements.


01. Give Me Wounds

02. Darkest Days

03. Walk With Me

04. Playground

05. Wasted Youth

06. Dread The Forsaken

07. Roses Are Burning

08. Dead Changes

09. Unbound

Label: Nightmare Records
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 10th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/dreadtheforsaken