Metal Service
Style: True German Metal
Release date: August 6th 2010

Dragonland, Dragonforce, Dragon's Cave, Dragon, Dragonhammer, Dragonlord, Dragonspoon and this German Dragonsfire. Dragons are a beloved subject in metal names as well as in lyrics, I still keep wondering why? But perhaps someone can mail me the answer to that?

This is Dragonsfire's third album and they do what they have done on the first 2 discs. True metal in the style of Iron Fire, Manowar, Rebellion and of course with the usual Maiden riffs. They bring it with enthusiasm and don't pretend to be original. German metal fans will love this style of music, but will they score outside their country too? I doubt it. We have heard this kind of music many times before and they don't add anything new to it. Musically everything is o.k.; my biggest problem with the band is the vocals of Thassilo Herbert, a raw kind of sound which is a mix of Lemmy and Joachim Broden. It sounds a bit forced and the German accent makes it a little irritating. The songs are for the bigger part on up-tempo and listens away easily.

Not a real bad effort, but I think it will drown in the abundance of releases, but if you can dig the vocals and love true German metal you must certainly take a listen.


01. Welcome

02. My Mashed Insane Brain...

03. Raging Fire

04. Call of Heart

05. The Devil

06. Blood For Blood

07. King Without a Crown

08. Time of Twilight

09. Visions of Fire

10. Ghosts

11. To Hell and Back

12. Lost Melody

Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: August 14th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/dragonsfiremetal