Divine Eve
Vengeful and Obstinate
Style: Death Doom Metal
Release date: January 18th 2010

These Texans have played their death/doom mixture a long time, since 1992. After a long departure they are back with a new EP. I don't know them from back then, that's why I stick to the music they have recorded now. First track "Vindication" is a rather fast old Celtic Frost/Hellhammer kind of song. Next track "Grievous Ascendance" is a sludgy doomy track, which sounds like a combination of Cathedral and Winter.

"Whispers of Fire" is again much faster and is in the same kind of style as the first track, similarities with Venom and Bathory can also be found in the song. To keep the balance they end with a slow song; sludge, stoner and doom packed together in one track.

For fans who like a mixture of Celtic Frost, Sodom, Winter, Venom, Bathory, Cathedral, Entombed and Black Sabbath.


01. Vindication

02. Grievous Ascendance

03. Whispers of Fire

04. The Ravages of Heathen Men

Label: Ibex Moon Records
Provide by: Gordeon Music Promotion
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: March 15th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/divineeve2008