Style: Death Metal
Release date: May 28th 2010

DISBELIEF has notable discography without raising unnecessary noise around them. Their new ninth album would disappoint neither their old fans nor the new ones.


With implementing in their music’s basis classic death metal in the traditions of MORGOTH they enrich their style with diverse tempo schemes, powerful thrash riffs and obsessing harsh vocals. Each of the songs has its own face but its solder is built of vanguard rhythm decisions in the fast parts (CORONER, ATHEIST) and smashing thrash in the middle tempo ones. However comparisons and descriptions are not proper because DISBELIEF have its own recognizable face.


Fortunately, there are no dramatic changes in the band’s music during the years. In the previous albums we were used to listen to an epic sounding which brings a feeling of unreliability. Although there is no lack of this emotion in the new album (the fourth and the eight tracks) it gave way to a wild fury. The sounding of “Heal” could be measured to the sounding of some classists like OBITUARY. The voice of Karsten Jager is a significant contribution to this, although it looks like more to this one of the vocalist of the already forgotten DARK MILLENNIUM.   


The modern sounding of the first two tracks could attract fans of the contemporary metal-core scene. But exactly the vocals are far apart from useless grunting and pouring of chaotic aggression. After the beginning of the third track the thrash prevails. And the cleared up riffs present a virtuoso performance. A brilliant cover song of KING DIAMOND surprises us in the middle of the album. Besides it is in the style of DISBELIEF, the song “Welcome Home” indeed could be included in a soundtrack of a horror movie. Another surprise is “Love like Blood” which reminds gothic sounding with its monotonous rhythm and its emphasized keyboard sounds. In spite of this the admirers of the above mentioned gender could barely listen to it.


The standard classics “eight tracks - 40 minutes” is not fitting to the contemporary metal. Although this the songs have accumulated a real metal energy proper for every fan of anti-easy listening trend. Thrash straightforwardness, death aggression, modern sound, and reasonable lyrics, presented with intelligent music.



01. The Eyes of Horror
02. Isolation
03. The Last Force-Attack
04. Certainty of Reality
05. Welcome Home
06. Red Sharks
07. Love like Blood
08. Shine

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 69/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: May 9th 2010