Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: May 24th 2010

The first couple bands you think of when you hear the combination Germany and thrash are Destruction, Kreator and Tankard, but not Dew-Scented. That has to be because of the fact that the others all started in the 80's. Musically however, they are just as good and perhaps sometimes even better. Dew-Scented was founded in 1992 and through the years they already released 7 records, their 8th; 'Invocation', is the first one under Metal Blade banner.

Dew-Scented plays thrash as it should be played. Effective edgy riffs, pounding drums, fast songs, groovy parts and an aggressive vocalist. Leif Jensen is probably not the best one in the genre, but at least he sounds authentic. After the intro "Downfall", they open with one of best songs in my opinion; "Arise from Decay" is very brutal and effective and sets the standard. A big advantage is that the songs are not too long. They see to it that they don't repeat the same riffs over and over again in the song. There are no bad songs on this album and this is food for every thrash maniac. Dew-Scented warns you already with the 8th track and before you know it you are "Torn to Shreds".

Just like their earlier albums, Dew Scented has again made a good record. If you intend to buy the new Exodus, don't forget to buy this one too.


01. Downfall

02. Arise From Decay

03. The Invocation

04. Have No Mercy On Us

05. Artificial Life

06. Condemnation

07. Totem

08. Torn To Shreds

09. Revel In Contempt

10. A Critical Mass

11. Global Hysteria

12. Slaves of Consent

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 17th 2010