The King is Fat 'n' Old
Style: Modern Metal
Release date: October 4th 2010
Playing time: 49:41

What the fuck is this, I reviewed their previous album 'Urban Being' also, but this new record will probably be one of the most difficult reviews I ever did. No, not because of the strange titles such as: "Smell You Later Fishy Bitch" or "Collatural Pleasure", more because of the music they serve.

The first thing I want to mention is the drums, they sometimes sound a bit hollow and that disturbs me during the whole album. Now we come to the rest of the music, pfffff, not easy to say, you either find it absolutely fabulous or you think its total crap! At least you could call it original and that's not easy nowadays. I still don't know which one I think it is. Sometimes it's so complex and completely over the top that they exaggerate. On the other hand there are some clean singing parts that surely make sense. The album is even more difficult to listen to than the predecessor and I did find the glue there so it all made sense, but here I sometimes can't understand what happens.

The label calls their music alternative modern metal, and probably it is something like that, but the metalcore based hysterical over the top music with Soilwork clean singing parts doesn't stick easy and I think this sentence from the promo info says it all: "the new amazing, embarrassing, controverse, ridiculous, astonishing, unpredictable, insane, bad, very bad full length will....".

I know this review won't help you any further, for me the music didn't help me further either. Nothing else to do for you then take a listen on MySpace and judge yourself. I just gave them a rating because I have to, but I could be 30 points lower or 30 points higher, I really don't know (yet). Some think it is genius others will find it total crap.


01. Double Yeah

02. Twice the Price

03. Jade's Place

04. Neverending Mary

05. Back Door Epoque

06. Smell You Later Fishy Bitch

07. Collatural Pleasure

08. Home Made Chili Delicious Italian Beef

09. Tip of the Day

10. Panda Vs Koala

11. Wayout

12. Back Door Reprise

Label: Coroner Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: October 29th 2010