XI Reasons to See
Style: Death/Thrash
Release date: February 22nd 2010

It would be perfect if any French band concentrates its efforts in one gender and continues its development in this gender frames. Then it would not be necessary to write and read so much about the French bands but more to listen to them. Away from these thoughts we are stepping into the world of Destinity…


When At the Gates created their style to disguise their thrash influences in modern metal (for their time) they became the fathers of a tendency in the Scandinavian metal which afterwards crossed over The Atlantic Ocean. Destinity are amongst the successors of the melodic Scandinavian extreme metal. In reference to this they also bear a resemblance to Unearth. It is because of the speed of their music and because of the vocals line.


There is something else in Destinity… The intro with keyboards and strings section reminds of My Dying Bride. It curtly goes into the meaty grinder of “A Dead Silence”. The harsh singing in the choruses is often replaced with clear vocals, reminding the mood from the intro. The song ends in this melodic approach and depicts the frames of the music of Destinity.


The dynamic “When They Stand Still” is influenced from Unearth/At the Gates. The following song “To Touch the Ground” is a sad melody in the style of Paradise Lost from the “Gothic” ’91 period. The construction of the songs consists of alternating melodic thrash/death with choruses from doom metal. As if the last mentioned doom prevails and it seems that the songs get out of breath in their end. The doom influences vary from My Dying Bride (in the 1st, 2nd, 5th track), Paradise Lost (in the 4th, 8th track) to Crematory (in the 6th, 7th, and 9th track). As if with its gothic rhythm “Rule of the Rope” is obsessed by Cemetary as well. The music is supported with keyboards. We can even hear a grand in the fifth track.


In the last two songs Destinity overcome the effect of a manifold puzzle, but as if the duration of the album turns the music to something already heard before. Destinity could be an original band, but some of the quotations in the melodies are too straight-forwarded in the combination of the two genders (built in the early ‘90es). Their overcoming might result in the change of the style. As an echo of this thought sounds the spoken altro of “Got Smile Sticking” which reminds Anathema. But in their fifth album the French metallers Destinity have changed themselves.


For all fans of Unearth, Decapitated and Darkane who already find these bands a little bit monotonous, “XI Reasons to See” could be a true gem in their collection!


01. Just Before
02. A Dead Silence
03. When They Stand Still
04. To Touch the Ground
05. Your Demonic Defense
06. In Sorrow
07. Rule of the Rope
08. Silent Warfare
09. Negative Eyes Control
10. Self Lies Addiction

11. Got Smile Sticking

Label: Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: February 2nd 2010