Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: February 26th 2010

Demonica is a thrash band with Danish and American musicians who have earned their stripes already elsewhere. Hank Shermann and Klaus Hyr found Craig Locicero, Mark Hernandez and Marc Grabowski to play along on this album. With a mix of Mercyful Fate and Forbidden members perhaps you don't expect to get pure thrash, but that's the fact.

A colleague of mine has already pointed out that they are influenced by Slayer and Grip Inc. and I also hear some Machine Head grooves. First track "Demon Class" opens as if it is one of the tracks from the first Machine Head album. After a minute the tempo goes up and the Slayer and Grip Inc. influences appear. The drumming style reminds me the most of Grip Inc. The guitar riffs and the tempo are more Slayer'ish. The style of singing sounds as a kind of mix between Araya, Souza and Chambers. Often I am very disappointed by the musical performances of these all-stars bands, but Demonica does a good job. The songs have enough variation in tempo to keep your attention and donít make it bored. The solos of Hank Shermann are the icing on the cake.

A job well done, especially when you know that the Danish and US members have never met during the recording of this album. Shermann and Hyr recorded their parts in Copenhagen, Locicero and Hernandez in the Bay Area and Grabowki in Colorado. Long live the technology, it saves you time, money and perhaps hangovers, but I think it will also spoil some of the fun. Nevertheless, a thrash record you certainly will like!


01. Demon Class

02. Ghost Hunt

03. My Tongue

04. Luscious Damned

05. Below Zero

06. Alien Six

07. Palace of Glass

08. Fast and Furious

09. Summoned

10. Astronomica

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: February 3rd 2010