Debt of Nature
Crush, Kill and Burn
Style: Thrash / Death
Release date: July 12th 2010

Hello readers, it is a brutal month for me, with Severe Torture, Burden of Grief, Slechtvalk, Allegaeon, Decrepit Birth and this Debt of Nature on my desk. But, as a matter of fact I like it that way. There are months I prefer the happier power metal and progressive stuff, and there are months I like it brutal. Has it anything to do with frustration, stress, my neighbour’s wife irritating me? I don't know, but I don't care either.

This is DoN' s second album, but the first one under Deity Down's flag. These Germans do a nice job on this record - they bring us three quarters of an hour a mix of death and thrash. What makes them special is that there are 4 members who are responsible for the vocal parts. Two leads and two backing vocals. Perhaps a little overdone, but it sounds great if you ask me. In tracks like "Like Breeding Rats" and "Masturbator Generator" it works out well. The production is done by Andy Classen and with the artwork of Roberto Parada (Edge of Sanity), so the whole package is very professional.

The riffs are rather dirty and thrashy and there are several tempo changes in the songs. This sees to it that there is enough variety and that it never gets boring. The info sheet starts with the sentence: 'What would happen if Napalm Death, Children of Bodom and Dying Fetus decided to join an extreme dirty threesome?' You could probably describe DoN with that, but if you like the band Vader, you will like this one too.


01. Intro ( Debt Of Nature Reprise)

02. Masturbator Generator

03. Crush Kill and Burn

04. Like Breeding Rats

05. Insalata Tarantula

06. Eisenfresser

07. Why I Hate

08. Nightmare of the Fashion Whore

09. Blackguard

10. Caterpillar Walk

11. Demise of Dementia

12. Peeping Tom

Label: Deity Down Records
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: June 29th 2010