Poison Awaits
Style: Doom / Gothic
Release date: July 23rd 2010

DARKSEED are reborn after five-years of silence. My approach towards the lack of their emblematic vocal Stefan Hertrich was indeed skeptic. I was wondering if they could achieve their own high standard. And some more having in mind that after 2000 their music is developing in a lower direction. 


I was really pleased when I heard that the composers’ nucleus Thom/Tom has not lost its inspiration! The band has always inconstant line-up, but it is clear that these are the people who re-established DARKSEED.


The obsessing riffs are recognizable for the only member of the band, who left his trace all over their whole discography – Thomas. The quality of the album is near to “Diving into Darkness” (2000). The more tender melodies endorsed by keyboards remind of “Give me Light” (1999), the year when Tom subjoined his vision of composing to DARKSEED.


The new vocalist Harald Winkler “has stolen” the varied techniques of singing of Stefan Hertrich. Although he is bound up with the early history of the band he has neither the true aggression in the heavy passages nor the depressive depths in the tender parts of his predecessor. But he enters in the style and the traditions of DARKSEED.


The style of the guys is moving from doom/gothic to another direction – more electronic and with more keyboards. The sound is less noisy and it is even radio-phonic. Although the emblematic music, at some places the compositions enter in the cliché of the American productions.


For a long time I am waiting for some better things from this band. It seems that with their rebirth they are going out of the lower direction of development. The album “Poison Awaits” is a feast for their old fans. And I believe that this line-up will unfold to conquer again the highest levels, which were conquered by DARKSEED before.


01. Roads

02. Incinerate

03. Poison Awaits

04. Seeds Of Sorrow

05. All Is Vanity

06. Black Throne

07. A Dual Pact

08. Torn To Shatters

09. No Promise In The Heavens

10. Striving For Fire

11. Timeless Skies

12. King In The Sun

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 89/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: August 13th 2010
Website: www.darkseed.com