Style: Romantic Pop
Release date: May 17th 2010

The death-jazz achievements of CYNIC in 1994 were inexplicable for their time. Although the fact that there was a lack of years' clung to the name of the band, the spirit of CYNIC has never disappeared from the music market. Encyclopedic knowledge is needed to retrace the work of the basic musicians gravitating one to another in the projects PORTAL, AGHORA, GORDIAN KNOT and AEON SPOKE. It will be an incomplete review if I do not mention this in addition to the new EP “Re-Traced”.


The work in the studio for the different musicians not only proves instrumental virtuosity but could also bring along some reels. The modifications of CYNIC effaced the mystery of their brilliant music. From avant-guard metal the band slowly moves to the pop territories although the guys are virtuoso performers. The ideological nucleus of CYNIC – Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert participate in a project for pop and film music AEON SPOKE. The return of CYNIC in 2008 instigated a revolt in the metal circles although the significant softening of their music. The album “Traced in Air” has strong guitar sound and aggressive vocals at some places.


The EP “Re-Traced” includes four rerecorded tracks from “Traced in Air” and one new song. The main difference in the rerecorded ones is “the amputation” of all the strong guitar riffs, the softening of each rock sound and in the most the lightening of the sound as a whole. The performances rather remind the unplugged versions of the relevant compositions, but with a tender vocal line. The new song “Wheels within Wheels” is a little bit set in motion progressive rock. This EP is much more AEON SPOKE than CYNIC.


I agree with the band that CYNIC opened the doors to lots of fans to try a cup of different music, which they would not listen to, otherwise. However, this public auction of the name CYNIC is not acquitted. Personally I join the choir of the narrow minded...


01. Space
02. Evolutionary
03. King
04. Integral
05. Wheels Within Wheels

Label: Season of Mist
Distribution: Season of Mist E-shop
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: May 11th 2010