Cyber Cross
Mega Trip
Style: Thrashy Gothcore
Release date: 2010

First off, I could think of more than one of my review who would just plain hate this and butcher it completely. And the thing is; I would tend to agree with them. This is one confusing release from Italian Cyber Cross.

There is little direction in what they're doing to be honest. If there's one unifier for the 10 tracks of 'Mega Trip' then it's the fact that...there are apparently no rules. This is something I respect deeply. That's in many cases when music becomes art rather than just business. However, art is not always suitable for others than those who created it. In this case, we're almost in that situation. The blend here is - you probably won't believe me, but it sounds like a mixture of a metalcore band, Fields of the Nephilim, Rob Zombie and Grave Digger. Plus other less definable kinds of rock and heavy metal. And it's not always a happy marriage!

If you like albums that change direction and style all the way through, then, by all means, do try this. I give Cyber Cross kudos for trying and for not being (as far as I can hear) bad musicians. 'Mega Trip', however, is not an album that will return to my disc player very often. Sorry guys.


01. Mega Trip
02. Aggressive Side
03. Black Dynamite
04. Murderous Rhymes
05. Noir
06. Fuck You Blind
07. Red Black Music from My Hell
08. Regression
09. Vampire Angle
10. My Wonderful Disaster

Label: Crash & Burn Records
Distribution: Masterpiece Distribution
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: October 16th 2010
Website: Cyber Cross @MySpace