Kings of Avalon
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: April 20th 2010

Nowadays in the heavy metal scene each band already is too power or too progressive or just too modern. CRYONIC are not! They make efforts to strengthen the basement of the building, devoted to all admirers of the classic heavy metal from the period 1975-1982. And their music is obsessed with epics in middle tempo.


CRYONIC has made a big reverence to SCORPIONS (in the first, the fifth, the sixth and the ninth track). The opening song itself “Avalon” seems like a die out of the album track from “Taken by Force”. This emphasizes that the boys are not hiding their inspiration. If you pay attention to the cover artwork which will remind you of the censored variation of “Virgin Killer” you will guess what the other inspiration of the band is. It is MANOWAR of course. If they have been released an EP in 1982 I am sure that it will sound like the songs of CRYONIC (the second, the third, the sixth, the eight and the eleventh track).


If you consider that the sixth track of “Kings of Avalon” – “No More” is repeated in the two lists by mistake, you are wrong. This is the perfect combination from the influences from SCORPIONS and MANOWAR. And for color there is also a little bit JUDAS PRIEST in the fourth track “Angels Calling”. The “Demon” (ninth song) is recreated through one UDO vocal who is typical for ACCEPT. But all of these influences are subordinated to introductions, reflecting some particular songs of SCORPIONS.


There is one thing in which the Swedish guys could not reach their idols – the ballads! There are two of them in the album - “Seven Doors” and “The One”. The first one would fit better to Lita Ford and the second one, although its fast parts, is far away from the emotionality of the German classicists. They have too much acoustics and serene mood.


CRYONIC could be welcomed as guardians of the testament, and they could also be suppressed by comparisons. One thing is for sure – they will reach the hearts of the people for who they create their music, because they deserve it.


01.  Avalon

02.  Kings of the Hill

03.  Tear Down the Walls 

04.  Angels Calling

05.  Living on the Road

06.  No More

07.  Seven Doors

08.  No Regrets

09.  Demon

10.  The One

11.  Free Like an Eagle

Label: High Roller Records
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: April 12th 2010
Website: Cryonic @ MySpace