Black Pearls
Style: Gothic Metal
Release date: November 26th 2010
Playing time: 146:00

It strikes me that I for a long time have assumed that just because I've listened to metal for more than two decades I know what an old band stands for.

When I started listening to this compilation with music from Crematory's entire career, I realised that I had no fucking clue what they were all about. And how much they must have influenced other German bands (and bands outside Germany for that matter).

Listening to some of this old material, take Left the Ground as one example, I'm thinking 'would there have been a Rammstein without this? A Tristania? The lot?!'.

Although much of what I hear here is not groundbreaking stuff these days, and some of it even bordering on boring (Sense of Time being one example), there is much that would - if I'd made the effort back in the day - blown my mind with its fusion of growl, clean vocals, lots of keyboards and the heavy guitars. They've done this since 1991, for Satan's sake!

Yes, you're witnessing a convert of sorts. I've moved from complete ignorance to deep respect, having slowly realized the importance of this band as I've listened to this collection.

It's a great documentary of a genre defining band. If you like goth metal and don't mind the occational growl, then do yourself a favour and introduce yourself to Crematory if you haven't already done so!

P.S.: More than decent cover of the Sisters of Mercy's Temple of Love included!


CD 1:
Tears of time
Eyes of suffering
Left the ground
Sense of time
Shadows of Mine
Ist es wahr
Temple of love
Tick Tack
The Fallen
Kein Liebeslied
Perils of the wind

CD 2:
When darkness falls
Kaltes Feuer
For Love
I never die
In my hands
Open your eyes
Black Celebration
The holy one
My Way

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 17th 2010