Control Denied
The Fragile Art of Existence (Double CD Re-issue)
Style: Death Metal / Progressive / Heavy Metal
Release date: November 1st 2010
Playing time: DISC ONE: 50:47 / DISC TWO: 51:58

Well, what can be said nearly 9 years after Chuck Schuldiner's death? Well not much but the fact that he came, he delivered glorious music and then passed away way too early. His music and legacy though, still lives on and is definitely an inspiration to many musicians and to this day Chuck is still hailed as a true metalpioneer with his groundbreaking riffs and compositions.

After releasing albums like 'Individual Thought Patterns', 'Symbolic' and later 'The Sound of Perseverance' with his band DEATH, Chuck cemented himself as a genuine heavymetal-enthusiast and true heavymetal-musician and so joined by well-experienced musicians "The Fragile Art of Existence" was recorded and released in 1999 to great critical acclaim.

Now, while all types of accolades and praises for "The Fragile Art Oo Existence" are welldocumented in numerous album-reviews, this re-issue from Relapse Records has focus on shedding light on new and previously unreleased CONTROL DENIED-tracks, in the shape of a bonus-cd containing 9 tracks from the CONTROL DENIED-demos from both '97 and '99. - even breaking one in where Chuck sings the vocals himself. For any DEATH/Chuck Schuldiner/CONTROL DENIED-fan this is a fairly good buy and also a perfect opportunity to rediscover one of the last true heavymetal-albums ever made ...


01. Consumed (7:25)
02. Breaking The Broken (5:41)
03. Expect The Unexpected (7:17)
04. What If...? (4:30)
05. When The Link Becomes Missing (5:16)
06. Believe (6:09)
07. Cut Down (4:51)
08. The Fragile Art Of Existence (9:38)

01. Consumed (1999 Demos)
02. When The Link Becoms Missing (1999 Demos)
03. The Fragile Art Of Existence (1999 Demos)
04. Breaking The Broken (1999 Demos)
05. Breaking The Broken (1999 Demos) w/ Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals
06. Believe (1997 Demo)
07. What If...? (1997 Demo)
08. Cut Down (1997 Demo)
09. Tune Of Evil (Comedy Demo)
Label: Relapse Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Thomas 'Hotdogger' Egede
Date: October 15th 2010