42 Days/Patriot's Song
Style: Melodic (Folk) Metal
Release date: February 26th 2010

According to the biography, Conorach is a Heavy Melodic Folk Metal band from the western part of the Netherlands. Their music can best be described as a mixture between Power Metal and Folk, focusing on melody and dynamics. After their 2008 album 'Tales from the Tavern', they have this 2-track CD out now.

Both songs are quite all right, but I can't really hear why they claim to be a folk metal band. For the biggest part they play melodic (power) metal Iron Maiden style. At first I thought that "42 days" was an instrumental, but finally after about 4 minutes the vocals come in. The clean singing of Jacco de Wijs is decent, but could be a bit more powerful. His vocals have a big similarity with the voice of Blaze Bayley. As a matter of fact, Conorach sounds a lot the same like Maiden with Blaze, the second track is the perfect example of that.

Not a bad effort, but if they want to shine they should leave the Maiden path and find a style/sound more of their own.


01. 42 Days

02. Patriot's Song

Label: Conorach
Provided by: Metal Revelation
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: March 21st 2010