Conan's First Date
Style: Death'n Roll
Release date: 2009

This record is from 2009 and we got it just last month for reviewing. If I had known that, I think I would have declined on this one because there are so many new releases to be done. But, I said yes and I am stuck with it. Conan's First Date hails from Hungary and this 'Effigies' consists of two demos, including the first recording 'The Werewolf Rising'.

The music is rather catchy, brutal, has some southern (stoner) influences and you can hear that they have listened a lot to the Entombed Death'n Roll - style records. Down is another band that comes to mind when listening for example to the song "Swallow the Sea". Nothing special however and not ground shaking. I have no idea why they put both out on a CD because with less than 30 minutes you don't get much. I can understand that the band is proud of what they have done, but they certainly have to improve in song writing department and creating a style of their own.

If I take into account that this record has already been out some time, I would say that reviewing it just now is redundant if you ask me!


01. Effigy

02. Killing Machine

03. Million Miles From Home (Dune cover)

04. Swallow The Sea

05. Punishment

06. Will Not Remain

07. HypoChrist

08. Beyond the Tomb

09. The Werewolf Rising

Label: Unsigned
Promotion: Infinite Metal Promotion
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: August 18th 2010