Circle of Dead Children
Psalms of the Grand Destroyer
Style: Grindcore
Release date: June 7th 2010

Circle of Dead Children broke their five years silence. We have fifteen tracks, some of which last less than a minute. The guys are proud of their traditional death metal approach toward recordings. However this is not influenced over the production or the stylistics. This is traditional grindcore in which the slow parties are only connection from one grind to another grind. I patiently tried to find out something specific about the band in the riffs: Nothing! We meet again traditional and faceless grunting in a low boar-ish register and high squealing of emotional pig with some replicas that could be understood.


Boring for the style (Oh, no... again!) blood, guts and anti-everything pose. The ideology and the cacophony brim in noise-core. There is not any biting chaff!


Circle of Dead Children has a magnificent logo. Their return is somehow full of childish naivety and without any joke. The ultimate brutality reached its end long ago. They have something against me? (“…and anti-you”). I am sure that it is true – a new album. Candlelight Records have a taste toward risk, but they are not the first who risk with this band as far as I remember.


01. Avatar of Innocence

02. Ursa Major (1998 revisited)

03. When Human Compost Stains all
 Earth and Repels the Messengers of Love

04. Chaos Crawls Back

05. Earth and Lye

06. We Who Move with the Graven Worms

07. Bury the Ill Flock

08. Refuse to Kill the Same Way Twice

09. Obsidian Flakes

10. Last Words and Warning Signs

11. Jaracaca

12. Torches

13. Night of Morbid Psycho

14. Germinate the Reaper Seed

15. Starve, Beg & Die a.k.a. Fuck You Kill Me

Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: May 13th 2010