Circle II Circle
Consequence of Power
Style: Power Metal
Release date: September 10th 2010

We all know Zak Stevens (Zachary) from singing on several Savatage albums. It all looks like a big family when you consider that several Circle II Circle members are helping Jon Oliva out in Jon Oliva's Pain. No hard feelings between those 3 bands. Besides a good singer, Zak is also a very capable drummer. Besides Zak, Mitch Stewart (bass), Andy Lee (guitar) and Johnny Osborn (drums) complete the band.

If you would listen to 100 different singers, you would always recognize Zak's unique warm sound. The songs on the album are sometimes rather up-tempo, for example "Consequence of Power" and  "Episodes of Mania", but most of the tracks are mid-tempo with threatening chainsaw riffs. "Out of nowhere", "Remember" and "Symptoms of Fate" fall into that category. "Redemption" and opener "Whisper in Vain" sound like Savatage songs and could have been written by one of his old friends. Of course this album can't do without softer melodic song with excellent singing. Last track "Blood of an Angel" is that song.

Some will say that Circle II Circle isn't doing anything new or surprising on 'Consequence of Power' and I have to admit that, but why should they? The style of power metal they play with a good singer will find its way to my player with a lot of pleasure and I think I will not be the only one. Savatage fans and Circle II Circle fans have to take a listen.


01. Whisper In Vain

02. Consequence of Power

03. Out of nowhere

04. Remember

05. Symptoms of Fate

06. Mirage

07. Episodes of Mania

08. Redemption

09. Take Back Yesterday

10. Anathema

11. Blood of an Angel

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: September 16th 2010