Charly Sahona
Naked Thoughts from a Silent Chaos
Style: Prog - Rock/Metal
Release date: February 19th 2010

Does the band Venturia ring a bell? No? Then I think the name Charly Sahona will not say you anything either. Charly is the guitarist of the French Progressive Metal band Venturia. On his first solo album he takes care of the keyboards and vocals as well. His band mates Diego Rapacchietti and Thomas James-Potrel play the drum and bass parts.


In general you can say that his band Venturia is heavier and that this solo-project is more progressive and rock-oriented. You can hear that he is good at his core-business; playing guitar - the solos are sharp, edgy and nice. His singing performance is a little less, he is  no natural singer, but good enough not to irritate. Musically it listens away easily, Charly uses all elements a prog-album should have and adds good solos to it. But it just isn't doing a lot to me. The songs never get a grip on me and I never get the idea that I hear something special or new. Perhaps the lack of really catchy and good songs is the problem on this album for me.


Fans of Dream Theater and 30 Seconds to Mars should take a listen, but in my opinion this is an average album with good guitar work and nice to listen to every now and then, but not godsend.


01. Relieved

02. Raise the Shadow

03. Away From Our Sins

04. Forgotten Past

05. River of Lies

06. Living in a Dream Is Not Right

07. It Will Fly Away

08. All That Can't Be Said

Label: Lion Music
Distribution: Border Music Distribution AB
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: January 26th 2010