Old Love
Style: Metal/Hardcore/Rock
Release date: 2010

New Jerseyís CHAMBERS plays aggressive hardcore with some old fashioned rock Ďní roll, metal and even touches of southern rock. The mixture of these styles are pleasantly surprising and it gives CHAMBERS an edge on other bands in the metalcore genre.

On their self-released debut Old Love, the sound is raw and crusty, with a very DIY punk attitude with balls. The songs are in that dirty street-wise rock Ďní roll flavor of GUNS Ní ROSES or í70s rock, but because of Dan Pelicís harsh barks, it steers the band toward the land of metal/hardcore.

The harsh, raspy vocals of Pelic and the gang vocal choruses makes up a lot of what CHAMBERS is all about. Thereís nothing special about the drumming, but itís solid. But itís the riffs that are the high point on Old Love, they just keep lashing out at you at breakneck speed. The songs are angry and loud and the aggression is relentless.

Opener "Pig" hits you like a blunt object, right away youíre bludgeoned with their catchy aggression. The title track has a groovy riff and a guitar lead that breaks out like a rash on a shit-stained babyís butt. The high-pitched harmonies on "Crap Out" are very odd compared to the usual gang vocals, but is very welcomed and just proves their "I donít give a fuck" attitude that CHAMBERS display.

Some of the songs seem to get a little repetitive toward the middle of the disc, but that soon disappears as the next angry riff flies at you.

Old Love is an infectious album full of chaos and anger, but yet a familiar sound that you donít want to get away from. A valiant effort from the Jersey newcomers in a genre that doesnít have room for blandness or mediocrity anymore.


01. Pig
02. Notch
03. Ripper
04. Old Love
05. Hereís That Song I Wrote About You
06. Crap Out
07. Take My Juice
08. Glamour Her
09. Fuck It Out
10. The Nest
11. Tragedy
Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: July 8th 2010