Chain Reaction
Cutthroat Melodies
Style: Grooving Thrash
Release date: June 4th 2010
Playing time: 49:31

Polish band Chain Reaction were signed by Kolony Records after their self released debut 'Vicious Circle'. This second album shows that they matured again and the same musical path they took with their debut is being continued.


Riffs, riffs and again riffs are what you can expect. Every song has strong groovy guitar riffs influenced strongly by Pantera and Machine Head. The aggressive vocals of Barton have a kind of hardcore edge and fit the music perfectly. I think there must be a lot of fans for this band, at least if you like songs that are based on heavy groovy riffing.


Sometimes the band brings in variation through accoustic parts like in the track "Insomnia Revised". Immediately after that you get blown away again by the aggressive track "Class 'A' Prisoner. In 'No Logo' they introduce some more clean singing too and that just makes the difference, it sees to it that the songs vary just enough not to get boring after a while. Especially in the second half of the record they introduce more modern influences and with the song "When Road and Booze Collide" they even sound rather commercial, I don't know if this is the style they will explore even more on their next album, but it sounds hopeful for the future.


Nice stuff to train your neckmustles by banging your head.       


01. Twinge

02. Prime Integers

03. God Lives Too Long

04. Elder Thrived

05. Insomnia Revised (H.B. Woodrose)

06. Class 'A' Prisoner

07. Projecting AM

08. No Logo

09. When Road and Booze Collide

10. Intra Vires

11. Even If

Label: Kolony Records
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 24th 2010