Killing the Eternal
Style: Death Metal
Release date: September 30th 2010

The Swiss band Cataract is delivering their sixth album in their 12 year's existence. Not a bad effort if you ask me. Starting as a metalcore band they have found their way to a death metal style with hardcore and thrash influences. The album sounds very tight and the songs are rather short.

The short tracks see to it that it never gets boring and they don't play the riffs on and on to make it a six minute song. That is their biggest power and they keep it interesting in that way. With this album they are becoming interesting for the more old school thrash fans, but also the death metal fans will like it. Just before the 2008 album 'Cataract' they had some member changes and before recording this album they were finally completed by adding bassist Nico Schlopfer as fifth member.

Musically the changes didn't have any effect, perhaps they sound even tighter than before. Many different influences can be traced back; fans of Heaven Shall Burn, Bolt Thrower and Lamb of God do certainly have to take a listen. Besides those bands, I even heard some Coroner influences in a few songs.

I am sure that Cataract, with this album, will take another step ahead, check it out!


01. Never

02. Lost Souls

03. Reap the Outcasts

04. Killing the Eternal

05. Failed

06. Urban Waste

07. Mankinds Burden

08. Hollow Steps

09. Drain, Murder and Loss

10. The Faith You Have Misused

11. Black Ash

12. Allegory to a Dying World

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: September 30th 2010