Cardiac Arrest
Heaven for the Insane
Style: Death Metal
Release date: June 8th 2010

This album called ’Heaven for the Insane’ from Cardiac Arrest is funny enough an album that I kinda dig when played as background music. But when I start paying attention to this release I remember almost nothing from it (except for a few riffs) when the last note has faded away.


Sound and style wise we are talking death metal here with all the right trademarks; Growls, even angry and screaming vocals, fast and brutal riffs and runs and fast drumming. But I miss something. I miss that certain WOW-feeling. Every song is almost in the same pace and at the same level.


And last we have the production which is too “dry” and powerless in my opinion. Especially the drums sound horrible at times. But I do not have the real CD in my possession... sadly only mp.3 files... so maybe that’s the reason why?


Fans of death metal should give it listen before they buy.


01. Insanity's Grip

02. Mind And Body Deteriorated

03. Against Their Will

04. Paralyzed With Fear

05. Haunting Remnants

06. Embrace The Aftermath

07. Twitching At The Noose

08. Rage on... Fuck Off

09. Extinction Endured

10. Affliction Of The Beast

11. Unearthly Pleasures

12. The Blade That Reaps

Label: Ibex Moon
Distribution: Gordeon Music
Artwork rating: 20/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 27th 2010