Capilla Ardiente
Solve et Coagula
Style: Doom Metal
Release date: January 20th 2010


Whereas South America (first and foremost Brazil) has been very active in giving birth to great new bands, especially of the Thrash Metal variety, Doom has still pretty much stayed underground on the continent.
Capilla Ardiente from Chile could be seen as some kind of oddity, but the band members have been active in diverse acts for many years and were finally brought together to start anew, as an "old-school influenced new band."

Capilla Ardiente present in Solve et Coagula a doom not unheard, as of a certain age (I hear the 90's sound clearly) at the same time as it is mixed with elements from other styles from this time.
The whole is interesting at some point but becomes slightly tedious after a too short while. The whole is too flat and lacks drive.

This is surprising as the boys sound very engaged in the scene, which is said to be small and vegetative in their home country, as most of the good old pals have given up their compromise to metal. I believe it can be hard to create when one doesn't have the opportunity to exchange experiences and get new impulses from others. Wish the band good luck further.

This EP is a limited release. Fans of Solitude Aeternus, Candlemass, Solstice, early Voivod, Rush and grab one of the last exemplaries!


01. Solve
 (Part I: Materia Vvlgar
  Part II: Disolvciˇn)
02. Coagula
 (Part III: Phoenicopervs
  Part IV: Coagvlaciˇn)

Label: High Roller Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: Optional
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: May 15th 2010