Style: Metalcore
Release date: April 3rd 2010

Sorry, but I really tried to find interesting parts in the music, something that makes my heart beat faster. Once or twice, as for example at the beginning of the song "Lass Mich Gehen" I was hopeful, but after the interesting opening-riff it disappeared again as snow under the sun. Callejon is the perfect example of: "enough is as good as a feast".

No fantasy, no new ideas, no inspiration, too average, the aggressive vocals sound too forced, not natural anymore and perhaps there are not many metalcore bands yet that sing in German, but that will not save them from being redundant and boring. I know that the musicians mean well and of course they are proud of what they have produced, but there are no riffs or arrangements that haven't been played before and better.

Usually the signings of Nuclear Blast are very obvious, but I don't understand why they have Callejon on contract. Of course there will be fans in their home country, but I must be very wrong if this band will gain a permanent place in other countries. If I have to listen to metalcore, I put the new As I Die Laying, sorry I mean As I Lay Dying in my player.

Modern Hardcore Metal is what they call their music; I just call it plain metalcore with average clean singing parts.


01. VI

02. Videodrom

03. Kinder Der Nacht

04. Lass Mich Gehen!

05. DE

06. Immergrün

07. Dein Leben Schläft

08. O

09. Mondfinsternis

10. Dieses Lied Macht Betroffen

11. Sexmachine

12. DROM

13. Mein Stein

14. Sommer, Liebe. Kokain

15. Gott Ist Tot

Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Distribution: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: May 10th 2010