Style: Gothic Folk Metal
Release date: July 16th 2010

CALADMOR hails from Switzerland and have released a few demos under the name PALE but have now launched their first full-length album called ĎMidwinterí.


We get 11 tracks of promising gothic/folk metal that Iím sure will turn a few heads. The first real track ďAll That RemainsĒ canít convince me and I feared the worst the very first time I was giving ĎMidwinterí a listen. But something happened when track 3 ď1405 A.DĒ. was thundering out of my hard-tried speakers; Singer Barbara was suddenly very convincing and all over this track and peppered with harsh male vocals and catchy guitar runs this track changed everything for me.


Itís not like itís the very best album I have ever heard but it is way above average in my opinion. However it will take a few spins for a few of the songs to open up to you... but just give the songs the change to blossom and Iím sure you will find this album quite entertaining.


Iím quite curious to hear what they can come up with on their next release and Iím sure that they can top this album. They certainly have the potential.


Fans of gothic folk metal should at least check this album and band out.


Nice one!


01. Praeludium

02. All That Remains

03. 1405 A.D.

04. Midwinter

05. Your Tree

06. Darkness

07. Nornengesang

08. My Rescue

09. Burning Star

10. Ode To Oblivion

11. Wayfarer

Label: Twilight Zone Records
Distribution: Twilight Distribution
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 27th 2010