Bruce Kulick
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: January 29th 2010

íBK3í is the title of the brand new solo release by Bruce Kulick (KISS, MEAT LOAF, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD) and an album that I have mixed feelings about.


Fans of Bruce should not worry... itís a solid album and everything is well played and well produced but I miss something. I miss a real hammer track. A track that will knock your socks off. Everything is on the exact same level except for the very first track ďFateĒ.


And it seems to me like Mr. Kulick canít decide in which direction he will take his music. Should he stick to the heavier side of rock, or go all soft on us?


But itís nice that heís still around and this CD is a solid one. I just donít feel like playing it over and over again.


01. Fate

02. Ain't Gonna Die

03. Friend of Mine

04. Hand of the King

05. I'll Survive

06. Dirty Girl

07. Final Mile

08. I'm The Animal

09. And I Know

10. Between The Lines

11. Life

12. Skydome (Bonus track)

Label: Frontiers Records
Promotion: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 13th 2010