Another War
Style: Groove metal
Release date: November 22nd 2010
Playing time: 44:37

Opening with Spanish guitars the song "Bloodstone" grooves away. With influences of Pantera, Anthrax, Transport League, Overkill, Vicious Rumors (late nineties), B-Thong and Channel Zero this is food for the thrash-fans that like it groovy. Maurice Adams has an aggressive and yet melodic singing style, he sometimes reminds me of Charles Rytkonen (Morgana Lefay). Besides the melodic singing style he certainly screams his lungs out many times.

Perfect mosh-pit songs that will make it very crowded in front of the stage during a live show. The serene parts like in the track "I Am Not Lost" bring some variety in the most of the times heavy grooving songs. After "The Tide", a ballad that can't really impress me, probably the fastest song on the album, "Prisoner of The Carnage" hammers away. The band Overkill entered my mind; influences of the 90's style of this band are wandering around in that song. If you like a song with a nice riff and groove, you can appreciate "Another War", if you like this track you like the rest of the album too.

This far I have been rather positive about the album, isnít there any negative points then? Yes there are, I don't exactly know why, but after listening to the complete album I can't remember any songs that really made a big impression on me. In a way they don't stick and even after listening to it several times I am not convinced. The songs have all the ingredients, but they just don't have the vibe. Perhaps it is just my personal feeling and maybe a lot of you will run away with this album, but to me it just did not touch me enough.


01. Bloodstone

02. Hellride

03. Fire

04. I Am Not Lost

05. The Tide

06. Prisoner Of The Carnage

07. Equilibrium

08. Inhale Your Life

09. Another War

10. End In Slaughter

Label: Facefront Records
Promotion: Pirate Smile PR
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 20th 2010