The Breathing Process
Odyssey (Un)Dead
Style: Epic/Melodic Blackened Death Metal
Release date: April 19th 2010

One of the reasons why we should never succumb entirely to the wretched MP3 format is this: When a band - let's for the sake of the example mention the US band The Breathing Process - creates a little metal epos like 'Odyssey (Un)Dead' with a nice booklet and a stab at actual story-telling, the act of cutting it into bits and compressing it to uploadable units to my mind seems so utterly wrong.

Old-fashioned? I don't give a shit. They took away the LP, fine, but the last bastion of collectable story-telling from the music business is slowly going away as we go from CD to files. I'll keep buying those discs as long as there are bands like The Breathing Process, i.e. bands who put an effort into give me more than 'just' the musical experience. Nuff said about that.

What of the music?
The Breathing Process is a good horse to bet on if you're into Dimmu Borgir and to some extent Cradle of Filth. I'd even say that an open-minded Nightwish fan that can stand a growl wouldn't be too disappointed.

The Connecticut five-piece is definitely not afraid of keyboards, but use them with intelligence. Versatility is ever present, heaviness the same, melody is mixed with black and death metal, growl and female vocals go hand in hand.



01. Hours
02. Grimoire
03. Leveller
04. Vulture(s)
05. Pantheon: Unravelling
06. Odyssey: (Un)Dead)
07. Starless - Eternal
08. Metamorphosis
09. Hordes
10. The Living Forest (Part 1)
11. Wind Ritual
12. The Opague Forest (Part 2)
13. Decaying Form

Label: Seige of Amida
Promotion: Plastic Head
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 29th 2010
Website: The Breathing Process @MySpace